7 Things You Didn't Know About Titanium Bikes

7 Things You Didn't Know About Titanium Bikes

Titanium, as you know, is extremely close to our hearts as it’s been a part of our ongoing research for the best bike frames through decades of work.

Through these countless hours, we’ve found out some intriguing facts about titanium bikes that you may never have encountered before - should you want to invest in a titanium bike, these may be interesting to know.

Although you may hear from various external companies and media about the different components of each material that bikes are made of - we’re here, as a team of experts to help you with titanium bikes. Read on to learn more!


Titanium Bikes Explained (7 Things You Didn’t Know)

Our spectacular titanium bikes range represents an evolution of Reilly’s road and gravel series, combining classic Reilly race geometry, top-grade hydroformed titanium tubes and advanced engineering to create a titanium frame to rival carbon equivalents 

Although we have endless amounts of customisability options with titanium on our website and list the benefits, including comfort, speed, long-distance riding, durability, versatility on terrain and… there we are again, getting carried away with titanium.

However, here are some of the top things you may not already know about titanium that is super interesting for you to learn in your journey to enjoying the beautiful art and peace of bike riding:


Not as Rare as You Think

Although titanium is an exceedingly stunning piece of metal, it is actually the 9th most common metal in the earth’s crust. However, top-tier titanium is where things can change. Certain bike companies will often use low-quality titanium for pricing policies.

Whereas, here at Reilly Cycleworks, we always work with the finest premium grade titanium for durability and finesse. Aside from this, titanium will typically be in items such as paper and suncream.

Even though titanium is in paper and suncream, this is rather a titanium oxide - compared to titanium alloy which is commonly used in bikes.


Titanium Bikes… From the Past

Although nowadays, titanium alloy is the choice of every biking company around the world (that chooses to build titanium bikes) - this is not to say that titanium bikes have always been made from titanium alloy.

When titanium was first installed onto a bike, it was known to be pure titanium. Rather than a more sturdy titanium alloy, titanium was the choice of the manufacturers. Later, this was then found to be unreliable and too flexible.

If you were to crash or have an impact, they were incredibly brittle and could fall apart at any instant. Durability and endurance were not considered until titanium alloy was introduced.


Premium Grade 3AL-2.5V Titanium is Superior

When you breakdown the functions and practicalities of certain materials for your bike, there always needs to be a level of balance and flexibility - whilst an additional classic and luxurious aesthetic that makes it become appealing to the eye.

However, with the new prevalent titanium alloy models (6AL-4V and 3AL-2.5V) there is always an argument about what alloy is better. Although 6AL/ 4V is extremely durable and stiff, it lacks the flexibility that 3AL-2.5V has.

Being tried and tested here at Reilly Cycleworks, we found that titanium 3AL-2.5V when hand-built onto our titanium road bikes, titanium adventure bike, titanium gravel bike, etc and titanium frame too is far superior and allows tubes to be fitted a lot easier.

Not only that but if there was a case in which you crashed - both sets of titanium would return to their original form extremely well (with little to no damage).

With 6AL-4V being hard to work with, 3AL-2.5V gives our expert team a chance to be more articulate with their customisable abilities - ensuring that we supply our customers with pleasing, high-quality titanium bikes!



Something that you may have never known is that although titanium is an extremely lightweight material for bikes to be made from, titanium is actually 60% denser than aluminium as a material. How is this possible if titanium bikes are lighter?

Well, because the material is extremely durable and long-lasting, not as much of it is needed when customising a titanium bike. On the flip side, titanium is 45% less dense than steel (which shows exactly why titanium bikes are much lighter than a typical steel bike).


Expensive… at First Glance

Due to the boutique nature of titanium and the careful process that is taken with each titanium bike, they may be more expensive on paper.

However, if you look at the top-end carbon fibre bikes or custom steel bikes - it is either on par or cheaper than these high-level alternatives.

Not only that, but if you’re looking for a bike that will last a lifetime and doesn’t require many service repairs over the years - titanium will shortly become your best friend.

Due to the tough and rust-resistant nature of this material, the performance will not be affected by many external influences - saving you lots of money on maintenance and repair costs in the foreseeable future.

Even when it comes to your main disc brake, frame and even tyre clearance, along with many other vital components of your ride - you won't have to repair these minor details as often as other bikes.

Therefore, if you invest in a relatively affordable bike, you may be happy at first. Yet, once it starts to break on you and needs a quote every month or so due to damage, this is where the money begins to add up - potentially overtaking the cost of a titanium bike in the long run.



As you may or may not know, titanium bikes (a titanium gravel bike, titanium mountain bikes, etc) are extremely customisable.

Your framesets are a key component of your ride and here at Reilly Cycleworks, we create race geometry, top-grade hydroformed titanium tubes and advanced engineering to create a light, aerodynamic titanium frame.

With this freedom of creativity, it will allow our expert team to muster up the most magical frames designed for peak performance, comfort and beauty.



Each frameset is created with imaginative, innovative thoughts - but some just don’t seem to last as long. However, titanium frames (unlike aluminium frames, and steel frames) - will never corrode.

This is why we preach about our titanium frames being lifetime bikes for users who want a bike with superlative longevity and optimal performance combined! Click here to buy your lifetime titanium bike today!