What Makes A Bike Comfortable?

What Makes A Bike Comfortable?

Throughout the entire history of bikes, we at Reilly Cycleworks have seen some extremely uncomfortable bike models along the road… no pun intended.

With our founder researching and becoming a pioneer in this subject for decades, our team have experienced it all - from wooden bike frames to beautiful titanium frames that are now taking the market by storm nowadays.

Riding a bike should be comfortable, whether that be the seat saddle, suspension, rim and disc brakes, etc and that is what top manufacturers have managed to achieve over time.

However, what makes your bike comfortable? That’s what we're going to explore in this post - carry on reading to learn more!


Simple Fixes to Gain More Comfort

Although there are many technical aspects to comfort within your bike, whether that be conventional road bikes, endurance road bikes, hybrid bikes and many more - there are just some simple tweaks you can make to acquire more comfort.

These have nothing to do with the frame build, changing tyres or anything that can be secured with minor details - should you want to try these now, grab your bike and read on!


Height of Your Handlebars

One of the easiest, yet most crucial fixes for your riding experience to be enhanced 10-fold is to change the height of your handlebars. Yes, it sounds obvious at first but even the slightest change could make the biggest difference in your bikes for comfort.

For example, if your handlebars are too low when fixed in position, you may develop a painful posture that could affect your daily life. Lower back pain is a common effect of your riding position anyway - so ensuring that it’s at the best height possible is vital.

A more upright position will be much more effective for your shoulder, arm and neck relief. For all the technical ‘bike nuts’ like ourselves, when your handlebar is correctly fixed in place and more weight is on the front wheel, you will perform better wherever you ride - as you’ll be more aerodynamic.


Height of Your Saddle

Unfortunately and fortunately, there are many orientations for your seat saddle. It can become confusing with so many positions as you won’t know which is the exact one for your height. Whereas, it is excellent for the versatility and diversity of different heights of people.

For men and women when riding a bike, leg position is essential for performance and comfort, consequently, if you’re too far away or too close to the pedals - it is going to cause major strain on your working muscles.

Bikes included in our range actually allow for the aft and fore saddle positioning to be tampered with. Once again, this can become challenging to understand - but as long as you’re not sitting right over your pedals, you’ll be good!

The saddle angle is similar to this, as sometimes you may notice that you’re slowly slipping down your seat - inviting yourself to fall off. Where if you got this perfect and tested the slip and slide and you’re staying in place, it must be working.


Bikes That Will Feel More Comfortable

Even though we’re in the latest period of biking technology, this doesn’t mean to say that companies are still struggling to find the balance between comfort and speed… actually, just comfort in general.

Having the knowledge to weld or customise your bike, whether that be an aluminium frame, carbon frame, steel frame and even titanium frame still take some experimenting and experience to manufacture a great model.

Here at Reilly Cycleworks, our ethos is to create bikes that are designed for long-distance, comfort and speed. Not only that, but they should last a lifetime and work for everybody (whether you're five foot two or six foot four) as it is your ride… your way. Let’s take a look at some of the bike models that we’ve found to be most comfortable in recent times.


Titanium Bikes

Should you be considering buying any type of bike whether you’re a beginner looking to meander through the woods on a Sunday morning or compete in the most elite touring races around the world - titanium models are outperforming all competition.

When in need of a comfortable ride that require less maintenance, there is no bike that does it quite like a titanium bike. You may think steel frames feel comfortable, but it lacks other features. Whereas, titanium offers the same level of comfort and performance side of things too!

Titanium has an instinctive ability to damp vibrations which are then transferred through its frame to enhance rider quality - substantially making your ride a lot easier.

Although you may see these titanium bikes on the market at expensive prices, it should be seen as more of a long-term strategy to keep your maintenance costs down. Ultimately, any other type of bike is going to need services often as they’re less durable.

With the possibility of customising your bike frame, combined with our hand-built using premium grade titanium (3AL-2.5V) - you will notice that your bike will have the perfect balance between optimal stiffness and suspension.

Often, when cycling, you can either be too stiff or feel like your bike is going to fall apart at any given moment and that is where titanium gives you that security and clarity. With our titanium bike model collection, you will have access to all your favourite bikes - made from hand-built premium titanium.



In this blog, we’ve covered a few key points of minor fixes that you can make with your bike in order to reap more comfort, such as heightening the handlebars correctly and ensuring that your saddle position/ angle is optimal too.

However, those currently in the market for a new bike will need these key pointers, but also a bike model in mind to invest in. Titanium bikes are in our DNA and have been a game-changer in the biking industry for all levels of competition.

Whether it be titanium mountain bikes, titanium road bikes, titanium adventure bikes, etc - they all have these special accessories that we’ve mentioned built-in (if you go with the right provider). If your next step is to purchase a new bike at the right offer, with the right information provided, explore our wide range on our website today!