All REILLY frames are designed entirely by our designer Mark Reilly who has an enormous amount of knowledge in bicycle design and frame building and has created more than a few hugely successful brands over the years. Mark has so far designed and made nearly 15000 frames and bikes, and his expertise can be used to produce your perfect frame or bike. Different tubes can be used to tweak the ride quality and ramp up stiffness or indeed make your frame softer to ride. Everything can be designed into your frame from conception.

At REILLY Cycleworks we use the brilliant BikeCad to produce CAD drawings of our frames. From the initial fittings and the data gleaned from this, Mark uses his experience to transpose this into BikeCad to produce the perfect fitting bicycle/frame.

CARBON : Obscenely light. Stiff. Fantastically sumptuous ride quality. Weight from 599 grams!
STAINLESS : Outrageously stiff. Prodigious road feel. Stunning to behold. Weight from 1550 grams.
STEEL : Steel is a real. One ride and you are hooked. Fillet brazed if you like luxury. Weight from 1500 grams.
TITANIUM: Corrosion free, sublime ride quality and incredible road feel, weight from 1200 grams.