Reilly offers lifetime warrenty on framesets for first owners (non-transferable.) This covers fair wear and tear and any damage arising out of the product’s normal use. All other parts, exclusing consumables, carry a 2 year warrenty.

To take advantage of the lifetime warrenty, framesets must be registered click here to register your frameset.  

1. Warranty is provided for all bicycle frames we produce to the original purchaser:

1.1 Titanium road bicycle frames - From delivery for the lifetime of the original owner, all material defects are covered.

1.2 Carbon Fibre road bicycle frames -  From delivery and for a period of 5 years after, all material defects are covered.

1.3 Steel road bicycle frames -  From delivery and for a period of 10 years after, all material defects are covered.

1.4 Product finishing applied to any of the bicycle frames listed above (including frame treatment, paint and decals) -.From delivery and for a period of 12 months after, all material defects are covered.

1.5 Other components and accessories - from delivery and for a period of 12 months after, all material defects are covered, unless the third party manufacturer warrants otherwise. 

All warranties above remain subject to conditions and exclusions in the below text:

2. Warranty claims judged to meet any of the following conditions will not be valid.

2.1 Purposeful damage, incorrect storage or in the case of negligence by you or by any third party;

2.2 Repair or Alterations carried out by an unauthorised repairer or the owner;

2.3 Damage relating to extreme use the product is not intended for. This includes but is not limited to stunt riding, jumping or any similar activity;

2.4 Damage caused by lack of maintenance;

2.5 Damage or failure caused by corrosion

3. To make a Warranty Claim, you must.

3.1 Have registered your frameset (registration form here;)

3.2 Contact us or the nearest authorised dealer;

3.2 Provide original proof of purchase from us or an approved third party dealer;

3.3 Accept responsibility for any pick up, delivery and labour costs associated with the warranty return.

4. Warranty offered is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product only.

5. Lifespan of tubing is reflected in level and intensity of use - in all warranty cases concerning section 1, we will provide fair assessment as to whether general wear and tear or indeed a warranty claim applies. We use exceptionally good tubing to make our frames but it is important to remember that these materials are still subject to fatigue.

6. All framesets should be checked regularly by the owner but also but us or one of our authorised dealers. It is highly important to assess for cracks, corrosion and paint issues periodically in order to minimise the risk of failure whilst riding.

7. If involved in a crash or if damage to the frame is not covered by the warranty outlined above, we offer:

7.1 A discounted replacement frame and/or fork. This offer is redeemable only once;

7.2 A nearest equivalent frame and/fork, discounted, if we no longer manufacture the product in question. This offer is redeemable only once.

Crash Replacement is discretionary and considered on a case by case basis. Contact sales@reillycycleworks.com

8. Purchase prices under the Crash Replacement Scheme exclude costs associated with;

8.1 Labour charges;

8.2 Pick up/Delivery costs as well as import fees, duties and VAT.

8.3 Paint finishes on frame or forks. 

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