Benefits Of Titanium Bikes

Benefits Of Titanium Bikes

Through decades of research and development with our long list of team members who have put countless hours into the design and best materials for bikes - we feel it is our duty to inform you what we’ve found in the pursuit of titanium perfection.

Our founder, Mark Reilly was one of the most pre-eminent British bicycle designers having created many hugely successful frame models/designs for brands such as Omega and Enigma - nobody else in the UK knows titanium quite as well as Reilly Cycleworks.

Should I buy a titanium bike? This is a question that you may be considering recently if you’re looking to compete or have a leisurely ride every now and then. Read on to find out more.


Brief History of Titanium

Before we delve into why titanium is the best material used for a bike frame/ fork, we, as a passionate team of experienced, self-proclaimed ‘bike nuts’ believe it is vital that as riders you should know the history behind these frame materials.

Although we’re not in a history lesson, passing through the timeline of titanium just feels right to broaden your knowledge as a rider. The raw material of titanium was first founded in 1791 by William Gregor of Cornwall - where a german chemist named Martin Heinrich Klaproth gave it the name titanium.

This was developed using the name of the titans of ancient greek mythology and in later years was utilised in the production of submarines and military aircraft during the war. Later, the commercial industry managed to get their hands on this material - to which they’d carry out extensive studies on the brand new metal.

At first, the biking industry would use raw titanium for bike frames and this would, unfortunately, be too soft. However, the military second division found that using titanium combined with alloy as frame builders would hold much more tensile strength and have a stiffer, more sturdy feeling during your ride.

This now leads us to today where titanium alloy has opposing variants - some, better than others. Throughout our experience of crafting and fitting titanium bicycle frames for riders (creating a bike to last a lifetime) - we’ve found that using premium grade 3AL-2.5V titanium for durability, comfort and beauty is the most optimal form of titanium alloys.


Advantages of Titanium Bikes

Now that you have a brief understanding of the history of titanium and the journey it has been through to become the best material in production for cyclists (above aluminium bike frames, steel bike frames and carbon fibre frames) - let’s run through the advantages of why titanium is sought-after in the biking industry.



In cycling, the last thing you want to be doing is going face-first into a hard slab of concrete. Or, your bike falling apart piece by piece as you slowly feel the materials snapping at each bolt. Well, a high-quality titanium frame with titanium tubes is extremely durable and will avoid the service repair shop at all costs.

Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of the project in some cases (welding titanium), it is often left out of the equation. However, here at Reilly Cycleworks, our hand-built (using premium grade titanium) for durability and finesse, Reilly titanium frames come with a lifetime warranty (first owner only) and we are committed to building the best bespoke titanium bikes in the biz.


The Feeling of Your Ride

Whether you’re a cyclist who is part of a cycling club with professionals at every turn, or just looking for a bike that you can gain some exercise on - comfort is always desirable, no matter who you are. Thus, when you look into the finer details of the titanium models, it is always the number one for the balance of comfort and speed.

This is something we’ve noticed in the decades we’ve been designing bike frames and that our titanium frame geometries work for everybody - whether you’re just starting out or you’re experienced, or whether you're five foot two or six foot four. Don’t get us wrong, if the titanium quality that has been sourced is pretty awful, it won’t feel nice.

However, if you’re investing in a titanium bike to last forever (titanium road bike, titanium adventure bike) - investing in premium grade 3AL-2.5V titanium is your best bet!



If you’re looking for a bike with an appearance that will make people’s heads turn, titanium will be one of the best decisions you can make as a bike owner. As we all ride ourselves, we don’t mind a few people admiring our bikes and throwing a few compliments our way as we saunter past, every now and then.

You’ll find this to be a common occurrence once you’ve invested in a Ti bike, due to it being very pleasing to the eye. The brushed finishes and classical high-fatigue tubing head/ top tubes allow for a subtle, yet excellent profile.

At the heart of every Reilly is a beautiful, handcrafted titanium frame based on the blueprint of Mark Reilly’s renowned frame geometries. All frames come with a lifetime warranty for first owner. Every aspect of the build can be personalised from the groupset - Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM and Classified – to your preferred bit of bling. Reilly promises to make your dream ride a unique reality.



Of course, we could delve deeper into how titanium bikes can be extremely lightweight options compared to others and the individual components in making the framesets - but we can be known for getting extremely passionate and rambling on about titanium.

Consequently, understanding the basic benefits of titanium so you can make your judgement on what you need for you, is crucial. No matter your scenario, desire for travel and what you want to ride a bike for, titanium is the perfect match.

Strength, durability, feel and luxurious appearance are all features of titanium bike frames that help you stay away from damage and feel like Sir Bradley Wiggins all at once.

Prior to making your final decision, warning you about investing in the wrong titanium alloy is a must. If you’re looking for the most premium titanium that will last a lifetime, grade 3AL-2.5V titanium is the best choice that we’ve witnessed in years of experience. Getting a custom frame fitted for your height is also essential!

If you’re in the market for a titanium bike and want to invest in yourself for many years to come, Reilly Cycleworks have a wide array of titanium bikes available so you can make the switch from steel and carbon fibre - to trustworthy, solid titanium. Click here to view your options.