Customer of the Week

Customer of the Week

Customer of the week is Lesley who popped in first thing on Monday morning to collect her brand spanking new Spectre with Ultegra Di2 groupset and blue finishing kit. The Spectre is Reilly’s ‘all -road, all-weather’ bike, equally suited to club runs and sportives as it is to off-road trails.

“I love the simplicity of the look,” says Lesley, “and the blue is stunning.”

Although exercise has always been a part of Lesley’s life, she only came to cycling 3 years ago when she bought a decent road bike and she started cycling socially. After a bad accident cycling in the IOW, Lesley was out of action for a few months, but now fully recovered and with some inheritance money, she came to Reilly with a road bike in mind.

It wasn’t until the team chatted to her about what terrain she wanted to ride (mainly road, but a bit of light gravel) and how she felt about being back in the saddle that they came up with the Spectre as the perfect solution for Lesley’s needs.

“I wasn’t even aware that gravel bikes existed, so it was all a learning curve for me. The Reilly boys persuaded me to test ride a Reilly T640D with Di2 and hydraulic disc brakes and I noticed the difference immediately. I’ve never really enjoyed going downhill, so the idea of more responsive brakes seemed sensible and the electronic gears are unbelievably light. Perfect for when your hands are cold. I’m planning on riding all year round so I wanted mudguards, so the Spectre is perfect.”

“It was a lot of money, but I wanted to future proof my bike.” she said. “I’ll be riding this one till I’m so old I need to move on to an electric one!”