Here are the FAQ's for our titanium models

To what extent do I need to 'build' my bike when it arrives?

We've now posted a video to YouTube to show you how to assemble your Reilly straight out of the box: How To Assemble Your Bike with Nicole Allan

What seat post size do I need?

31.6mm on all models. You can fit 27.2mm by fitting a shim.

You should also always use carbon assembly paste on your seat post, this minimises water ingress and slippage.

What bottom bracket/cups will I need?

We use BSA, also known as English threaded, SRAM call theirs GXP,  68mm wide. 

Can I fit a press fit B.B. ?

No, these are a terrible idea for a metal frame.

If I choose a disc brake frame, what are the through axle specifications ?

Your frame/fork will come with through axles but here are the sizes needed.

Frame is 142mm by 12mm with a 1.75mm pitch. The actual full length of this axles needs to be 174mm long. 

Fork is 100mm by 12mm with a 1.5mm pitch. The actual full length of this axle needs to be 125mm long.

What will be fitted to my frame only?

For a frame only, included will be a rear through axle, a seat clamp and cable guides and adjusters where needed. All bottle cage bolts will be fitted and on certain models pannier mount and guard bolts.

What will be fitted to my frame-set?

As per a frame only but with forks, fork through axle, carbon steerer bung and headset. We normally fit the headset parts to both the frame and forks but cannot cut the steerer to length.
It is vitally important that you are competent in fitting a fork and trimming the forks to length, if in any doubt then ask your LBS to do this for you.

If I need new cage/guard bolts then what are the sizes?

These are all the same and M5 x 0.8 pitch, approx 12mm long. These bolts are generally called *socket caps* and we always recommend stainless steel or aluminium.

What headset do I need?

Your frame is designed for an XX44mm headset which is very widely available.  
Principally it is designed around a Chris King inset 7 or Reilly Chrono, these both take tapered forks from 1 1/8” to 1.5”. Another popular choice is HOPE pick n mix, for this you need to order both H cup and 2 cup. You can run tapered from 1 1/8” to 1 1/4” using a Chris King inset 8 and Columbus also make a headset in this size.

How do I take care of my titanium frame?

Read here: https://www.reillycycleworks.com/blogs/news/138146439-taking-care-of-your-titanium-bicycle-fram

What gear hanger do I need?

These are all Reilly parts and can be found below:

Spectre, Gradient and ALL disc models, see here: https://www.reillycycleworks.com/collections/accessories/products/rear-mech-hanger

T325, T640 and all caliper brake models, see here: https://www.reillycycleworks.com/collections/accessories/products/t325-t640-gear-hanger

From new my disc brakes rub/tick, what should I do?

This can occur in some cases, after a few longs rides these noises will usually go away when the brake pads and rotors have bedded in. It’s also very important to keep rotors clean of dust and and oil etc; in the workshop we use an isopropyl spray such as link to speed degreaser.

I’m getting a creaking noise from my B.B. or headset, what shall I do?

Take the bike to your LBS, a good LBS will prove to be invaluable on such a high end bikes maintenance. Through riding greases deteriorate, and you can get water ingress etc. This is perfectly usual and just needs regular maintenance.

From your set specs can I change the tyres to a different type brand?

If we have them in stock then yes, if not then it’s still a yes as you can buy and fit the different tyres yourself.

From your set specs can I change the saddle from a Reilly?

If we can easily source then yes but would always say give ours a try, they really are very good indeed.

Will my bike arrive tubeless?

Your bike will almost always be tubeless ready but we will fit with regular inner tubes as we find 75% of our customers don’t actually like tubeless, but you can choose to go tubeless. Just take to your LBS.

How will my brakes be routed?

In the UK we run front brake to the right hand lever, if the other way round then please let us know early on as brands like SRAM are bought in UK spec and not so easy to swap around. The brake hoses are also run internally, through the down tube and fork respectively.

Can I have my frame painted?

Yes but the painters we use are very busy indeed and this process can add 5/6 months. Why not plump for an Anodised finish? This adds just 30 days in peak times, custom designs we will come up with but timing is down to Adam's workload, email adam@reillycycleworks.com for details.

What colours can we anodise?

You can see quite a few colours and examples here: https://www.facebook.com/reillycycleworks/videos/2238895146128246/
We cannot do red or black.

Can I customise the bike specifications?

Of course you can, this is fun but do allow extra time for us to source the parts. For instance for the UK market SRAM only bring in their 1 x groupsets with a 42T chainring, changing the ring will mean ordering a separate new ring and swapping out, all OK to do but just adds a little time. Our set spec builds are just the most typical ones we get asked for and so we hold stock of these parts, but we are always pleased to put something a little different together.

What size rotors will be fitted?

On our road disc models we fit 140mm front and back.

On the Gradient it’s 160mm up front and 140mm at the rear.

If you need different sizes for any reason then just let us know.

What disc brake mountings will my frame have?

All of our disc frames are setup for flat mount brakes.

Can I use post mount brakes?

Yes, with an adaptor, seen here:

Why should I choose a Reilly frame over another brand?

We are more than just another brand; we actually are a frame builder too and Mark has nearly 35 years experience to draw upon to make our frames that little bit more special. Nobody in the UK has more experience in working with this incredible material, you can buy a brand designed by a graphic designer but you cannot replace frame-building experience.

Contacting us

Our preferred method of contact is email but the phone is good too, just remember that unlike other brands we are an actual working frame builder and so if we are with a client or brazing a frame we may struggle to answer the phone sometimes. Either way we always aim to come back to you within 48 hours, not including weekends and bank holidays. sales@reillycycleworks.com // 01273 694143