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Fast, direct and beautifully smooth. The T325 is the outcome of years of expertise in producing titanium bike frames.

Not all titanium bikes are created equally and the T325 perfectly balances the best qualities of titanium to produce an exceptionally direct, but velvety smooth road experience today, tomorrow and for many years to come. Its 3AL-2.5V tubeset is ultra butted, cold worked, stress relieved with an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 975MPa, setting it apart as a out-and-out performer that is at home on longer sportive rides as well as the race track.

The bike industry's ongoing search for a 'perfectly balanced' bicycle (in terms of stiffness, weight, comfort and durability) is ironic as the material with the best of these characteristics has existed for a long while - Titanium. It is stunningly lightweight and responsive for when the pace or road goes up, but beautifully smooth and efficient for all day comfort. This level of ride quality can be achieved with carbon, but seldom with the same timeless style and durability of titanium. With a threaded bottom bracket, external headset bearings and stunning good looks - your dream bike today can be just that for decades to come.

Road CC / David Arthur - Provides a very smooth ride with the sort of handling that will allow sporty types to indulge their performance aspirations. It's fast and very direct. Read the review here.

"The Reilly T325 gives a sprightly ride once you stop admiring its appearance and get it out on the road. Escape the busy city streets and get it into the countryside and the T325 really starts to win you over. There's the smoothness you expect of a titanium frame, but it's not at all soft or vague, if anything it's stiffer and more direct than many titanium bikes I've ridden over the years"

Frame Features 

  • 3AL-2.5V double butted seamless tubes
  • Di2, EPS or mechanical to choice
  • Clearance for 28mm tyres 
  • Extremely stiff Breezer cowled dropouts
  • CNC 44mm head tube for tapered headset
  • ***English threaded T47 Outboard Bearing Bottom Bracket***
  • 31.6mm seat post size
  • 34.9mm band on front derailleur
  • Lifetime frame warranty: this extends to the original owner only and is non-transferable.
  • FAQ's

    Rider Height vs Frame Sizing

    Rider Height (Ft/in) Rider Height (Metres) Suggested Frame Size
    5'1" to 5'4" 1.55m to 1.63m EXTRA EXTRA SMALL
    5'3" to 5'6" 1.60m to 1.68m EXTRA SMALL
    5'5" to 5'8" 1.65m to 1.73m SMALL
    5'7" to 6'0" 1.70m to 1.83m MEDIUM
    5'11" to 6'2" 1.80m to 1.88m LARGE
    6'1" to 6'4" 1.85m to 1.93m EXTRA LARGE
    6'3" to 6'6" 1.91m to 1.98m EXTRA EXTRA LARGE

    Frame Sizing

    SEAT TUBE C/TOP 470mm 490mm 510mm 530mm 540mm
    TOP TUBE EFFECTIVE 510mm 530mm 550mm 570mm 590mm
    BB DROP 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm
    CHAINSTAY LENGTH 405mm 407mm 408mm 410mm 410mm
    FORK RAKE 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm
    TRAIL 66mm 63mm 56mm 56mm 56mm
    FRONT CENTRE 576mm 578mm 584mm 599mm 619mm
    WHEELBASE 970mm 974mm 981mm 996mm 1016mm
    STANDOVER 736mm 753mm 774mm 792mm 804mm
    HEAD TUBE 110mm 130mm 150mm 170mm 185mm
    STACK 524mm 541mm 564mm 583mm 597mm
    REACH 372mm 374mm 382mm 392mm 407mm

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