Pan Celtic 2022

Pan Celtic 2022

The Pan Celtic is a self-supported, ultra-endurance bicycle ride, journeying this year through the Celtic Nations of Wales and Ireland.  The route tackles stunning terrain and landscapes steeped in Celtic tradition.

For those who believe less is more you can opt for the shorter route.  At 1020 miles, 41,325 ft, it is an incredible challenge.

 There will be 6  Reilly's on the start line including Welsh born Mike Kear.  He is an unsupported-race virgin but is banking on his never give up mantra to help him along the way.  He's riding a Reilly Spectre and raising money for Prostrate Cymru.  Click here to support Mike.

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Reilly Ambassador Elaine Burroughs has been in training since the beginning of the year.  With a road training camp in Majorca; the 600km Dales Divide plus 450km The Great British Escapades under her belt means she's in good shape physically but she is more concerned about the mental pressure of an endurance race.  Sleep deprivation and the art of food shopping while keeping an eye on your bike outside to name a few.  By her own admission, Elaine is obsessive when it comes to packing her bags and enjoys the Jenga-esque puzzle of getting it all in and in the right place on her trusty Gradient.

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