Most of our existing clients are suitably fitted to our standard geometry, this has been something we have worked on and tweaked over many years of building frames and bikes. We always try to eliminate toe over lap and create a frame that handles to perfection, be it a racier T325 or a more relaxed all day bike like the Gradient.

If you just complete the form below this will enable us to determine the correct frame size and set up for your forever bike

Information to help you complete this form

Please take all measurements 3 times to get a consistent dimension, if they differ, take an average. Ideally please get someone else to help  take the measurements to achieve accuracy.

1: Overall height

Stand up straight with your back to a wall with bare feet and around 15cm apart.

2: Inseam

Take this measurement in the same stance as your height, press firmly under your crotch and with a tape measure to the floor in a vertical line to the floor.

3: Torso

Take the measurement from the bottom of the sternal notch, the V in your neck, directly down to the floor in a vertical line.

4: Arm Length

With your arm outstretched hold a pencil in your clenched fist. Measure the distance from the centre of the pencil to your armpit preferably touching your rib cage.

5: Shoe size (in UK or Euro size) eg: 42 

6: Shoulder Width

Measure outside to outside of your shoulders, hands should be by your side, this will enable us to arrive at the optimum handlebar width.

if you have any questions please send us an email to

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