Having a bike fitting is a sure-fire way of getting the best in terms of fit, comfort and all out speed and when spending a sizeable amount of money, it’s the only way to go to ensure cycling perfection. We would always recommend visiting us for a fitting and the cost is included and part of our service. You spend approximately 2 hours with one of our technicians. Here we determine what you want to gain as a cyclist, the session ends with a personalised fit for the perfect bike top optimise power, cycling efficiency and injury prevention. Our fitting technician Mark Reilly has 25+ years experience in this field.

Every time a frame is ordered from Reilly Cycle Works a full CAD drawing is made for your approval by our designer, Mark Reilly and the typical turnaround time for this is 24-48 hours. Once the final design is made and approved we will offer a tentative delivery date and this is approximate. Should you need a custom frame, due to different geometry and specific needs lead times can and may change, but be patient and you will be rewarded with one of the best bikes in the World.

So, lets get some measurements taken and we can then provide you with the perfectly fitted bike/frame.

Information to help you complete this form

Please take all measurements 3 times to get a consistent dimension, if they differ, take an average. Ideally please get someone else to help  take the measurements to achieve accuracy.

1: Overall height
Stand up straight with your back to a wall with bare feet and around 15cm apart.

2: Inseam
Take this measurement in the same stance as your height, press firmly under your crotch and with a tape measure to the floor in a vertical line to the floor.

3: Torso
Take the measurement from the bottom of the sternal notch, the V in your neck, directly down to the floor in a vertical line.

4: Arm Length
Stand with your arm as per diagram. With your arm outstretched hold a pencil in your clenched fist. Measure the distance from the centre of the pencil to your armpit preferably touching your rib cage. Repeat the measurement three times for consistency and average the results.

5: Shoe size, for example 42 etc

6: Shoulder Width
Measure outside to outside of your shoulders, hands should be by your side, this will enable us to arrive at the optimum handlebar width.

Please enter your details below