How Reilly's Pioneering Frame Geometry Works For Everybody

How Reilly's Pioneering Frame Geometry Works For Everybody

Over time, the geometry of each bike frame has really intrigued our team members in the way it will help the performance and comfort of each individual ride.

Our founder, Mark Reilly, had nearly 35 years of experience within the biking industry to draw upon and make conclusions on the best way to enjoy and build an optimal frame.

You, unfortunately, cannot purchase experience - and these years of dedication have been the building blocks of why we’re one of the most trustworthy, go-to bike fitters in the United Kingdom. Each frame cannot be tailored to a specific person to the tee, right?

Well, in this blog, we’re going to discuss how Reilly’s pioneering frame geometry will work for everybody.


Why is Bike Frame Geometry Important?

With us being a merry band of bike and frame geometry lovers, there are all important reasons why people should pay closer attention to what frame they invest in before they make the final decision.

So why is it so vital for your rider experience you may ask? Well, no matter whether it's for mountain bikes, road bikes (or in this case titanium bikes) - a bicycle frame will be given more stability and act more accordingly to your steering once set up with the correct geometry.

When you’re more in control of your bike frames, rim/disc brakes, tyres, etc - you’re much less likely to go flat on your face, which is a bonus. On the other hand, the riding position of the bike frame, no matter the frame materials, is vital for your comfort and the bike’s performance.

For example, some race bikes at the elite level will have certain little details changed such as a stiffer feel, yet aerodynamic tube shape for more speed. Whereas, endurance bikes will favour a gruelling uphill battle more of the time, so you’re not uncontrollably aching during your race.

Therefore, this is why we encourage users to view framesets, full suspension, tyre clearance and more - whilst speaking to a professional at the same time to give you some priceless advice along the way.

As some of you might want a comfortable ride and stiff feel, whereas, some might want to be touring across the planet with their light, stable endurance bike. Well.. not the planet but you get what we mean.


Our Process For Bike Geometry

Before we begin, we never stress how tall an individual is, as our bike frames will work for everybody. We believe that putting the individual back on the bike is the ultimate goal - so our customisable frame geometry allows us to cater to anyone’s specific needs.

Luckily for you, this has come from 30+ years of dissecting bike frames and seeing what it takes to create the most special frame for each use. Through our bike geometry procedure, we want to make sure that it is a customisable frame for the people - hence our mission being ‘Your ride, your way’.

Being transparent with our audience and giving them the best chance to succeed in whatever path they choose to go down with their rider experience is what we pride ourselves on. So, what frame materials do we typically use to provide the best results for each individual cyclist?


Why Do We Conduct Our Bike Frame Geometry With Titanium?

With years under our belt, using every ounce of experience and knowledge to compare each frame material we had was challenging.

However, in hindsight, when you take a look at all the benefits and the range of audience titanium targets - it’s not hard to see why it came out on top.

Reilly race geometry, top-grade hydroformed titanium tubes and advanced engineering will not only create a light feel when you’re sauntering around on your bike - but will also supply aerodynamic features if you’re looking to compete in races.

With titanium frames functioning the geometry, especially with our titanium premium grade 3AL-2.5V - this provides extra durability for your ride, along with unique comfort and beauty.

Each frameset has its own story, as the cyclist never has the same specifications or preferences as one another. No matter whether it is a gravel bike frame, mountain bike frame, etc - titanium fits the bill for every model and their customisation. 

A steel frame, aluminium frame, carbon fibre frame and many other materials that can be used for expensive or affordable bikes are all good options.

However, if you’re looking for longevity/corrosion resistance and eye-catching aesthetics, yet have a bit of finesse about it too - titanium frames will soon become your best friend. Let’s take a deeper look into why Reilly geometry will be an unrivalled purchase for your lifetime bike.


Why Choose Reilly Cycleworks Frame Geometry?

With almost 35 years of experience behind the team, ensuring that our customers are free to ride their bikes with the most elite performance in short and long distances - we have been through many framesets in our time.

This priceless time in the industry has led us to have the capabilities of customising and frame-building ourselves. Typically, you will just be provided with a frame and then never spoken to again.

However, with our team - it is just that bit more special when we’re frame-building ourselves for customers with an ambition to succeed in the field we’re most passionate about. When you select a frame, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the bike will fit your needs or not.

That is why we take every procedure with great care, as nothing beats experienced frame-building. When you select a bike, whether it be an endurance bike or a race bike, our hand-built premium-grade titanium frames are to act as a lifetime bike for our audience - to save you money on maintenance fees and enjoy your rider experience at all times with no stress.

With a carbon frame or any other materials, we’ve found after years of trying and testing these options - that titanium ultimately beats its competitors in all aspects when built properly.

We do recommend you speak to our team first before you purchase a type of bike directly, as there are lots of specifics that we would need to collect from you before manufacturing the perfect bike for all your wildest adventures. Speak to our team today on our website for more detailed info/ services for your new set of wheels.