How to choose the perfect frame size.

How to choose the perfect frame size.

Recently we have had several enquiries about custom built frames. In certain cases, creating your own frame from scratch is rewarding (Reilly frame school) but it can be costly and is by no means essential. 

The late Mark Reilly was a pioneer in frame geometry.  As a keen cyclist, he knew how a frame should work. After 30 years of graft within the cycling industry, this knowledge translated into beautifully engineered frames perfectly sized whatever your shape or height. Reilly frames are still engineered to his precise blueprints. 

Reilly offers frames in seven sizes, each incrementally different. There are very few occasions when one of these frames doesn’t fit a customer. 

Where possible we encourage potential customers to ride one of our demo bikes and discover they are so much more than just a perfectly fitting frame.  Cyclists are real people with dreams and goals. A young aggressive road rider may look to size down as they tuck into their aero position, while a bike packer may need more space on their frame for extra kit. 


If you can get to the South Coast, Reilly stockist trainSharp in Lewes have demo bikes for all our models. They have a bike fitting protocol to ensure you are on the correct size and with the South Downs just a stone’s throw away, you have a chance to pedal that Reilly through it’s paces either on or off-road.

Bike Fit

Sometimes customers find they are in between sizes in which case a bike fit can be a worthwhile experience. A decent bike fitter will not re-engineer your frame but tweak your position on your bike to ensure you get the best from every ride.  trainSharp offers a comprehensive bike fit where an experienced fitter will assess your riding position and take crucial measurements, photographs and videos to improve your performance, enhance your comfort and reduce injury potential.

trainSharp offers customers a 2-hour bike fit for £250. If you go on to purchase a Reilly, you will be entitled to a 5% discount off your new bike.

To book a bike fit, contact trainSharp

If you are not in the South of England check out our Reilly Stockists. We are dedicated to expanding our dealer network so we can offer demo bikes and bike fits in all areas. If you know of a good bike shop who may be interested contact