The Best Mudguards For Gravel Bikes

The Best Mudguards For Gravel Bikes

Mudguards are perfect pieces of equipment that can help you stay dry when you are going out during wetter months, especially  if you are looking to take your gravel bike through tracks. They protect your bike from mud, grit or spray, making them an essential piece of equipment when it comes to cycling. But which bike should you choose?

The Spectre is Reilly’s ‘all -road, all-weather’ bike, equally suited to club runs and sportives as it is to off-road trails. With the options to choose from Ultegra 105 or Di2 groupset; DCR x Reilly All Road or Panaracer Gravel King wheelsets and the the gorgeous Portland Design Works metal mudguards to give your Spectre an air of understated luxury. This ultra distance favourite is equally adept for century rides, audaxing, bikepacking or light gravel with tyre clearance up to 32mm with your mudguards, it is perfect for riding all year. One of our star customers Lesley shares more on why she chose it here.

Having mudguards attached to your bike will seriously cut down on any maintenance that you may need to keep your gravel bike in the best condition

If you are someone who regularly uses their bike for their commute they are necessary as you can enjoy a dry and comfy ride while not spraying any other cyclists that are behind you.

Likewise, if you are someone who enjoys going on mountain rides you will cut down any spray to your face, eyes and back plus any potential unwanted mud will not reach you.

Let’s be honest, you enjoy cycling more when it’s warm and dry - so that means you will be able to ride for a longer period of time and more often through wetter times.

Getting the right mudguard for your gravel bike can be a tough task - it’s not just as simple as purchasing any old first one that you come across. You need to make sure that you are getting mudguards that fit your gravel bike tires and can cope with your adventures.

We’ve looked through the market to find the best mudguards for gravel bikes so you don’t have to. Check them out now - we have no affiliate links with these products and all the suggestions that we have chosen are by us.


SKS Chromoplastic

This is a great purchase if your bike has mounting points. They are full-length and sustained by steel struts and stainless hardware.

When you chop and finally bolt it into place, then you’ll get amazing coverage. They have a rubber gaiter located at each of their ends, and the blades themselves are created with plastic with a lean layer of aluminium foil jammed inside to provide extra strength.

The stainless steel stays give a simple fitting and they have a quick-release clip which is a lot safer than normal fixings, this will help prevent any unwanted front wheel lock-up if anything happens to get stuck between your guard and wheel.

They are adjustable so that they can follow the curve of the gravel bike's wheel and not to mention they are extremely durable and tough so they can last you for tens of years even with rough usage meaning that they are a sensible purchase.


SKS S Board and S Blade Mudguard Set

SKS is a well-known brand in the cycling world due to it being an extremely high-quality and reliable brand and that is no different with its mudguards which are perfect for gravel bikes, that’s why we’ve chosen another product.

You can purchase this set separately if you wish but they are great when paired with each other.

The S Board was created for the front wheel and is able to handle tyres all the way up to 700 x 38c. It also comes with long and flexible straps. The S Blade is great and simple, which means it’s versatile and you can use it on nearly enough any type of gravel bike you may own.

Due to its brilliant design, there is no chance that it will be clogged with mud. Fitting from the seat post, you can adjust the angle so that you are able to find the best protection from any potential real wheel spray.

Portland Design Works Metal Guards

Another of our favoured mud guards brands that work perfectly with Reilly bikes, Portland Design Works Metal Guards are made form anodized aluminum complete with laser graphics and an embossed alloy head badge.

A stylish complement to any bike, they provide full-wrap coverage and their sturdy rubber mudflats ensure extensive shielding to your shoes and riders on your rear wheel. Importantly, safety release tabs ensure your wheels keep turning even if debris gets lodged between the fender and tire.

They are complete with special hardware to fit around caliper brakes, under forks, and include add-on mounts for bikes that lack eyelets and also available in 37mm road plus size and 45mm city size. 


There are many things you may need to consider when looking for the best mudguards for your gravel bike. Such as tyres, mud clearance, toe overlap, bike protection and many more.

Our knowledgeable and passionate team of experienced, self-proclaimed ‘bike nuts’ will take the time and care to work with you to create your dream ride whether it is a frameset or a full bike build.