Tips To Find The Right Titanium Bike Frame For You

Tips To Find The Right Titanium Bike Frame For You

If you’re looking to buy a bike that’s comfortable, durable, and will last you for years to come, then a titanium frame is what you need. Our best-selling gravel, adventure and road bikes are built to our Founder Mark Reilly’s ground-breaking frame geometry, optimised for comfort and speed. 

There are countless benefits to titanium bike frames, but what do you need to consider before purchasing one? How do you find the right titanium bike frame for you and your requirements?

We’ve got you covered - continue reading this post for some of our top tips to help you find the right titanium bike frameset for you. Hand built using premium grade titanium for durability and finesse, Reilly titanium frames come with a lifetime warranty. Titanium is in our DNA.


Benefits of a Titanium Bike

Titanium bike frames are a great choice - titanium is a highly valued metal due to its strength and the fact that it is a lightweight metal. Our best-selling gravel, adventure and road bikes are hand-built using premium grade 3AL-2.5V titanium for durability, comfort and beauty.

Titanium doesn’t corrode easily and can withstand extreme temperatures, making it the ideal metal for cycles all over the world. Another benefit of titanium in bike frames is that titanium is as strong as steel, but is 45% lighter.

Although titanium is a light metal, it doesn’t lose its strength - it has high tensile strength, meaning it can last for years. Titanium bikes can withstand corrosion, and last a lifetime if stored correctly. Read more about the lifetime of titanium bikes here. 

This negates the need of having to constantly replace your bike every couple of years, saving you time and money. They aren’t just a luxury purchase - they are a great long-term investment.

Titanium bike frames can also withstand hard impacts - so if you crash your titanium bike or it falls over, it’s not the end of the world. Most damage that occurs with titanium bikes is superficial, and in most cases, the inherent structure of the tubing will remain intact.

Another benefit of using titanium in bike frames is that titanium is a recyclable material - so if you’re eco-conscious or just want to do your bit for the planet, you’re better off buying a bike made from environmentally-friendly materials.

Titanium bikes make for an extremely comfortable ride - whether you’re riding over uneven terrains such as hills or gravel for adventure biking, or you’re on the market for road bikes, you’re sure to have a steady ride with a titanium bike frame.

Not many bikes provide the perfect balance between performance and comfort, but titanium bike frames are sure to do so. They have the natural ability to dampen vibrations through the bike frames, making them the ideal bike for both short rides and long endurance rides.


How To Find The Right Titanium Bike Frame

So, now you understand the benefits of choosing a titanium bike frame over other materials, it’s time to find out how to choose the right titanium bike frame for you. From the cost to the sizing, here are some tips to find the right titanium frame for you.


Consider The Cost

First, you should consider the cost - how much are you willing to spend? Titanium bike frames are super durable, so you should expect them to have a higher price tag than other bike frames such as aluminium bike frames or steel bike frames.

However, the price is completely justified - as a titanium bike is a bike for life. Highly resistant to corrosion (including from seawater), low-weight, and comfortable to ride, it is well worth splashing the cash on a titanium bike frame.

They can cost thousands of pounds - so if you’re not willing or able to spend this kind of money, then you may wish to consider either purchasing a secondhand titanium bike, or a different-material bike frame.

You can find a steel bike frame or an aluminium bike frame for as low as £100 - whereas a quality titanium frame can cost between £2,000 and £4,000. However, any cyclist will tell you that it’s well worth the money - and steel road bikes don’t ride the same as titanium bikes.


How Many Gears?

Regardless of the type of bike you’re buying, or how experienced a cyclist you are, you need to consider how many gears you need. In 2023, most modern bikes feature a lot of gears. You can even find bikes that have 20, 22, or even 30 gears - however, these won’t be as budget-friendly as a bicycle with just a few gears.

Having a large span of gears means you can efficiently pedal at either high speeds (when either descending or riding on flat ground), or lower speeds (when you’re riding uphill). This allows you to ride comfortably regardless of the terrain - simply adjust the gears to match your terrain.

The majority of gear systems feature derailleurs. These are mechanisms that move the chain, whether it be between the sprockets or from one chainring to another (front derailleur). The gears belong to a groupset, consisting of the crankset, cassette, chain, gear shifters, derailleurs, and of course, the brakes.


Get The Sizing Right

The size of your bike matters - the last thing you want is to spend thousands of pounds on a titanium bike to find that it’s too large or uncomfortably small. Typically, bike size is either quoted in inches or centimetres, although you can find bikes that are categorised as either a small, medium or large design.

Getting the right size titanium bike frame is not only important for comfort, but for safety too. If you ride a bike that’s too large for you, then you may be unable to ride the bike safely - the saddle height won’t be right to pedal comfortably, or you may feel cramped and restricted. Before purchasing a bike frame, always check the sizing - does it match your requirements? Will it make for a comfortable ride?


If you’re looking for the perfect titanium frameset for you, check out our collection at Reilly Cycleworks. We have frames ranging from just £2,499 to £3,999.

Our frame sizes range from extra extra small to extra extra large, so you’re certain to find the right size for you. Whether you opt for our adventure disc frameset, our all-road disc frameset, our road caliper frameset, or any of our other quality frames, you’re sure to be impressed.