Why Cyclists Are Turning Away From Steel In Favour Of Titanium

Why Cyclists Are Turning Away From Steel In Favour Of Titanium

We are titanium specialists with over two decades of experience in the evolution of the material in bike building. Over the years, we've seen what this magic metal is capable of when in the right hands.

This year, we introduced our latest in cutting-edge titanium by launching the Fusion, described by Cyclist magazine as 'an absolute stunner of a bike to look at and an unalloyed joy to ride.' We are so confident in its stunning properties, we offer a lifetime warranty, which is one of the many reasons many steel enthusiasts are turning to titanium. 

If you’re new to the realm of cycling or have been doing it professionally for years, there are still specific materials that override others for the capability and practicalities of your overall ride.

Whether this is your wheels, brakes, tyres, frame material or anything else installed onto your bike - you must consider your options before blindly making an impulsive decision based on aesthetics.

Titanium has become one of the most sought-after materials recently. It is easy to see why as we’ve researched and mastered titanium for years - but why are people turning away from the trusted steel material for titanium? Read along to learn more!


Titanium Bikes VS Steel Bikes

As for all cyclists including those more used to steel gravel bikes, road bikes, and adventure bikes,-the question will always remain “what is the best material for my bike?”

We've spent many hours perfecting the perfect titanium bike frame. We are a team known as self-proclaimed ‘bike nuts’ and our dedicated customer team understand what goes into making a final decision on what bike you want.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by choice, and our experts can offer a range of finely customised materials and components that suit your size and frame.

Before it was “you get what you’re given” - nowadays, you can size and price up your options with us, staying true to our mantra of Your Ride, Your Way.

However to help you with initial research, our handy guide will give you a more comprehensive understanding of what the differences are between titanium and steel bikes, what the advantages/ disadvantages are of each model and why titanium is overriding steel in our world and potentially yours as your cycling requirements change over time.

If you’re looking for the best beginner gravel bike, the lightest gravel bike or just any bike that can uphold your standards for your next elite adventure - keep reading along to learn more about each variant, what to stay clear of and what to look forward to.


Titanium Bike Advantages

Since titanium is in our DNA, we look forward to bragging about the endless benefits of titanium and how it can boost your performance immediately. We look forward to diving into these advantages below:



A quick stat to quickly enhance your liking of titanium is that it is around 45% lighter than steel. With titanium having the most elite strength-to-weight ratio out of all the metals, there is no wonder that your ride will feel smooth, yet easy to bear.

Whether you’re sauntering through the woods late at night or struggling up a mountain on a Sunday morning, these bikes will give you colossal leeway and support for the most strenuous rides - ultimately boosting performance.



Titanium bikes, especially our titanium frames here at Reilly Cycleworks - due to our team and founder researching this material for decades, we have mastered titanium and its magical properties.

Titanium bikes are lifetime bikes with frames that will last as long as you live (if treated correctly). As the durability is off the charts, they’re impact resistant and fatigue tolerant - you will not have to stress about riding your bike with added speed.


Visual Appearance

If you’ve never been fortunate enough to lay your eyes on a high-quality titanium bike, you’re certainly missing a trick. With a slick, stylish aesthetic you will be impressed by the structure of a titanium bike.

With our hand-built models, hours of craftsmanship go into Reilly’s models using premium-grade titanium for durability and finesse. Along with comfort, you will be proud of the bike you’re riding - plenty of compliments will come your way.


Titanium Bike Disadvantages

Although we’re advocates for titanium, there are always disadvantages with everything you purchase - no matter how good you think it is. Whether this be carbon gravel bikes, aluminium adventure bikes or if we’re talking on topic (a titanium gravel bike) - nothing is perfect and we’re here to be open and honest about the downfalls of titanium bikes when shopping online.


Expensive investment

Due to the quality of titanium, these bikes come with a high ticket price. However, if you consider this relatively as spend over your lifetime, you are getting a lifetime bike that will stay with you, whether its an everyday ride or an extraordinary endeavour.

Although it has high value and will be worth paying the price in the long run - we understand that people will not be ready to invest in this for their hobbies. However, as a cyclist, a full review of all the materials is needed before you disregard titanium due to the price.


Steel Bike Advantages

Even though we have researched bike materials for decades and titanium is far superior - there are still some advantages to steel bikes. Let's run through the running benefits of steel models:



Due to the springy quality of steel, if you’re riding on tough terrain - the suspension will help you get through the potentially painful ride. Therefore, your comfort, for hands and legs is considered, if you were worrying about riding steel bikes on gravel or any other bumpy surfaces.



Although the quality is not always the best for steel bikes, if you’re a beginner just looking to get out on the road with your new set of tires, then this could be a practical option for you. Depending on how you treat your steel bikes, these models will last for a good amount of time (if treated correctly).

Men and women have sizes available for excellent prices, so check out some of the options online (do your research before purchasing for an effective quality check).


Steel Bike Disadvantages

Unfortunately, although there are a few more advantages to the conventional steel bike, there are also a few disadvantages to the ride you’ll experience. Here’s a list of a few we’ve picked out:

  • Can be heavy to ride
  • Less efficient
  • Can rust after time
  • Less technologically advanced
  • Won’t reach your desired speed



In hindsight, all of the benefits go towards the titanium bike. Not only are they more comfortable, but they’re designed to reach a higher speed. Here at Reilly Cycleworks, our titanium bikes are made to last forever - whilst being visually appealing to any consumer.

No matter who you are, whether you’re looking for a bike to enter a competition with or looking to get into a new hobby and enjoy your own adventures, our titanium bikes offer you maximum flexibility.

Reasons to choose titanium are endless - lightweight, robust, trustworthy and many more. Take a look at our titanium bike frames (here) today to encounter ground-breaking frame geometry and an unrivalled riding experience.