5-Day Framebuilding Course

Learn the fundamental skills to build your own bespoke steel frame. Our courses are designed for the absolute beginner, no previous experience is necessary.

Under the supervision of our own master frame builders we will teach you the fundamental skills to actually build your own steel frame and feel confident that you can return to the workshop to make many more.

Mark has been teaching frame building for many years now and has been 
asked many times to help riders make their own frame. Whilst the allure of 
the perfect fit and a one-off finish is enough for some, the option of 
creating your own frame from scratch under the supervision of two master 
frame builders offers something extra special, as well as group ride 
bragging rights.
We have been running the courses since day one but are now delighted to 
be able to offer you the opportunity to do exactly that throughout the 
year as a part of a comprehensive and customisable package. On our 5-day 
frame building course, we will welcome you into our workshop and share 
our enormous wealth of experience with you, to help you create your own 
tailor made bicycle frame.
The course will be taught by Reilly Cycleworks own frame builder Mark 
Reilly. With nearly 30 years experience of building 
award winning frames, Mark's level of knowledge and range of skills are 
unparalleled, having made titanium popular in the UK, designed mirror 
polished logos etc and taught more than one award winning frame builder 
over the years, his work highly copied.
So whether you’re interested for yourself, or you want to get rid of a 
loved one for a week after christmas, get in touch today and guarantee 
yourself a place!
What You Can Build
On the course, you can build your own custom steel frame. You have the 
freedom to choose what you want to build and will be involved heavily 
throughout the design process.
We can teach you to build anything from a sprightly new road or track 
frame to a mud-loving cross/gravel or hard-tail mountain bike frame or 
even something to go touring with, the choice is yours. Unfortunately, 
tandems, recumbents, BMXs and trikes, as well as builds in stainless 
steel, are too complex to fit into the 5-day course. We are often asked 
whether you can build a stainless steel frame from 953 or Xcr, the 
answer is a big emphatic NO!
Upon payment of your course fee (8 weeks prior to the start of the 
course) we will contact you regarding the design of your frame. We have 
years of experience building frames and can help you with advice and 
guidance to make sure you get the most out of the course.
You have the option of the classical styling of a lugged frame, or the 
smooth, seamless beauty of a fillet brazed construction. When making a 
fillet brazed frame we always suggest using a cast BB shell and fillet 
brazing the 3 main joints due to time constraints.
We recommend the following combinations of materials and applications:
Touring Frames Reynolds 631, 853 or Columbus Life
Road Frames Reynolds 631, 853 or Columbus Life/spirit
Track Frames Reynolds 631or Columbus Spirit
Mountain Bike Frames Reynolds 631/853 or Columbus Life
29er Mountain Bike FramesColumbus 29’er
We also have an account with Dedacciai in Italy should you wish to use 
their tubes.
Reynolds of course are British whilst Columbus and Dedacciai are made in 
Italy. All are of equal quality, which is super high end.
We use frame parts from Long Shen in Taiwan, Paragon machine works in 
the USA and quite recently dropouts from Bentley components, made right 
here in the UK. Other parts can be specially ordered.
In addition we can supply forks and parts from Enve, Headsets and Bottom 
Brackets from Chris King and a whole array of other parts, just ask at 
the start.
We don’t paint in house as we believe it is far better to use a 
specialist and use 3 artisan painters, all based in the South East. Many 
show winning frames will have been painted by one of our chosen painters 
but prices vary hugely, so again, just ask again at the start.
Below are the main areas that will be covered over the 5 days, with an 
explanation of what they cover.
Frame Design
• Thorough explanation of the fundamental differences between frames 
designed for different applications. From the suitability of materials, 
to the effects of different geometries and the different methods of 
joining tubes.
• The creation of a CAD drawing, using BikeCAD software, which includes 
the information needed to set up the jig and start cutting tubes.
Tools and Safety
• Workshop tour, with tool explanations and demos.
• Health and safety and workshop rules.
• Description of the differences in properties between varying tube sets.
• The difference between single, double, triple butted tubes.
• How to choose suitable tubing for your build.
• Tube preparation (includes cutting and mitering).
Equipment Setup
• Demonstration of the jig.
• How to set up the jig for your build.
Brazing and Welding Methods
Explanations of different joining techniques used for frame building.
Brazing theory and techniques.
Outline procedure for brazing your frame.
Practice brazing.
Brazing of your frame.
• How to make sure everything is straight and true.
• Final checks on your frame, including all brazed areas.
• Frame cleaning, finishing and filing.
• Preparation for paint.
Dates and Times
The course will run from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
Please contact us with your preferred dates.
The cost for the course is £1200 + materials. We require a £350 deposit, 
which is non refundable to secure your place. The balance due before the 
course starts. We accept paypal and bank transfer.
This price includes all tuition, use of tools, workshop space and 
unlimited tea and coffee. At the end of the course you will walk away 
with the frame you have made whilst with us, mostly these are of show 
quality and something you will may not achieve on other courses.
Accommodation is not included in the price, but here are a few local 
places to stay:
The Jury’s inn
The Royal Albion
Colson house Bed and Breakfast