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The Module 47 system is a two-piece bottom bracket which reduces friction and banishes creaking by mounting both the driveside and non-driveside bearings in a single lightweight aluminium module casing which threads in from the drive-side.

The non-drive-side (NDS) part is a tapered sleeve which threads into the frame to receive and locate the drive-side module in a high-precision fit. 

This M47-68 fits frame frames with a T47 threaded frame shell that is 68 mm wide. It is suitable for 24mm crank spindles (typically Shimano), or 24/22mm (GXP) & 29mm DUB.

The main precision-machined aluminium casing of the Module 47 ensures that the very high-grade Japanese bearings sit in exacting alignment. This greatly increases their life, reduces frictional losses, and makes creaking impossible. The Module design also allows for straightforward access and replacement of the bearings when it’s eventually necessary without the need to remove the bottom bracket module.

The T47 standard has inherent advantages, thanks to its metal threaded fit, and most options on the market slide together over a central tube.  The Module 47 is significantly different. Basic T47 bottom brackets house a bearing in each of two threaded cups, with a plastic sleeve between them which only serves as an interior seal and does not contribute to the structure.

The Module 47 locates both the driveside and non-driveside bearings in a single casing, machined to extremely tight tolerances in one process without ever being re-jigged. It’s the ultimate method of precision bearing alignment, a cycling component made the Formula One way. The driveside casing then locates very securely in the non-drive-side piece, with a deeper, metal-to-metal overlap eliminating any deflection under pedalling forces.

SN-Vitae Module 47 bottom brackets come with an 18-month warranty for module casing and tapered sleeve components.