Arran's new T640

Arran has been riding bikes designed and made by us from as far back as 2002. So when we got a call out of the blue saying he wanted a new bike and that his loyalty was to the frame builder/designer that was great to hear as we've been making his bikes for 14 years so far. He still rides his original Omega predator MTB tourer and that has proved itself bombproof. A few images here with Arran doing a mammoth ride in the himalayas. Arran often calls up to tell me of some exotic adventure he's off on, his calls are always up-lifting but make me very envious at the same time.

reilly cycle works


So for 2016 Arran has chosen a racy new T640 with a new head tube Mark has been working on. Its at this time of year Mark, Damon and Neil are designing the next seasons range and this head tube may or may not feature, time will tell. Arran has gone for bright brushed main frame, with bead panels and mirror logos, very classy we think. Ultegra with lovely Fizik finishing kit, build to be done next week.

Bead panel and mirror logos

REILLY 300 grams UD weave tapered steer fok