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This T640 will be the fifth titanium bike (and third fast ultra-distance day bike) that Mark has built for me since he first built an Omega Cyclone for a John O'Groats to Lands’ End ride.

The benefit in coming back to Mark he know exactly what size bicycle I require right down to the size and type of individual components such as the 165mm cranks, handlebar width, stem length and height together with exactly how this bicycle is going to be used. This bicycle is being built specifically for long-distance sportive and audax use on century and double century (mile) rides and although I could have gone for a big brand named bike, it is unlikely that I would get anything that would reliably perform as well, would be as comfortable or anywhere as sufficiently robust for regular use over the next ten years.

This T640 was an evolution of another one Mark’s bikes which he built for me eight years ago and over this time, the transmission has transformed from a triple chain ring, to a 50/34 compact and finally a 52/38 Osymetric double. This new T640 will have a similar set up with exactly the same hand-built wheels and tubeless tyres, however as this will be ridden in this years three day Tour of the Highlands, this will also have oval 50/36 chain-rings with a 32/12 cassette, but I also have 28/11 cassette for later use on more flatter terrain.