The Benefits of Riding A Custom Bicycle

The Benefits of Riding A Bespoke Bicycle

Bike fitting is a topic that some people ignore, even though it is one of the most crucial components of a comfortable and long-lasting relationship with your bike.

Whether this is your framesets, saddle positioning, wheelset and many more - taking this aspect of your new bicycle needs to become more prominent in your buying process.

That is why in today’s blog, we will be walking you through the benefits of riding a custom bicycle - should you be in the market for a new bike (or looking for a change). Carry on reading to learn more!


What is a Custom Bike?

When you’re talking custom bikes, take your favourite suit for example that you may have had tailored to your exact size once in your lifetime - because this is what a custom bike represents.

These bespoke bikes are always mirrored to your exact specifications. Just like here at Reilly Cycleworks, where we offer our customisation service, we believe that putting the individual back on the bike… in a comfortable fashion is the most crucial component of long-term riding.

Having self-confidence in a bike is often skewed and understanding that not everything is going to be correct is the case with many designs on the market today. Of course, you can guess what size handlebars, tyres, frameset and bike type you need - yet, at the end of the day, it is all just one big guessing game.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when you take the time out of your day to schedule a custom-build meeting with a professional - these expert bike builders will take all of your specifications and create a design that suits you in every department.

Now that you’re instilled with confidence, no matter the bike type, whether that be a titanium mountain bike, carbon road bike, aluminium endurance road bike or many other models available - there will be no ongoing worries in your mind about any potential errors to your bike.

Having a customised bike allows you to be free, with no stress about whether your posture is poor or the tyre clearance is too close, etc - as everything is tailor-made for your specific needs.

Consequently, if you race in gravel bike competitions, go bike touring once a year or just simply want a bike to gain some exercise every now and then around your rural or urban area - customisable bikes will be your best friend.


Benefits of Riding a Custom Bicycle

Here at Reilly Cycleworks, our expert team have been working tirelessly scouring the internet and bike shops to see what models are best suited for a large majority of people.

What we have found is that each individual is different and your goals will determine the model you will qualify for. Therefore, when we started to customise bikes for our own customers, we realised that this is the best form of practice in presenting opportunities for any rider.

Now that you’re clued up on what a custom bike is and how it can be used in any given scenario, let’s delve deeper into some of the benefits of riding a custom bicycle:

  • Allows creativity for your specific riding style
  • Keeps your posture in check
  • Becomes low maintenance
  • Presents pain-free exercise
  • Suitable for all bike types (hybrid, electric, road, etc)
  • A cheaper option than buying a car
  • You will have the ability to customise it to any terrain

These listed advantages are just a few of the many opposing functions of a custom bike. Although this experience may cost more than investing in a traditional bike using your own initiative - investing just that little bit more will definitely prevent you from having to repair your bike as often.

No more will you have to struggle to position your saddle until you feel slightly ‘satisfied’, or worry about your knees hitting the handlebars consistently, to name a few. Instead, you will have an aero-optimised tire/frame design that will last a lifetime (with the correct frameset materials) and will feel comfortable forever.

The only age range we wouldn’t recommend investing in a custom bike would be children. As they are always growing and changing, it would be a pointless exercise to have a bike fit and then one year later - they’re a foot taller.

As you know our frame geometry is designed to help everybody, whether you’re five foot two or six foot four - conversely, getting your child a customised bike is a waste of time in our opinion.


Should You Invest in a Custom Bike?

Now, this is where it can become challenging - depending on your overall scenario and the goals put in place. If you feel as though cycling is a major part of your lifestyle, whether that be for leisure or competition - we would 100% recommend investing in a custom bike.

At the same time, if you’re not cycling much and you’re only leaving it until the summer, is there any point? Well, yes because for half of the year you will still need a bike that ticks all the boxes for comfort, speed and maintaining a durable force.

As long as you’re a frequent rider, we would recommend this for any adult for all the reasons we have listed above and more! Having the freedom to think that there are no issues with your bike and that it has been customised by a helpful professional for you is extremely stress-relieving.


Brief Conclusion

Now that you know the ever-lasting benefits of a customisable bike for road bikes, adventure bikes, commuter bikes, etc - getting together that little bit of extra money for an upfront investment is worth it for the decrease of long-running maintenance costs.

Here at Reilly Cycleworks, we also provide custom bike services for our customers in any design they wish to ride.

To see a top-notch performance, we would recommend you take a look at our best-selling hand-built model using premium grade 3AL-2.5V titanium for durability, comfort and beauty. Contact our team today for more details/information on your custom titanium frame design!