Why Titanium Is Good For Bike Frames?

Why Is Titanium Good For Bike Frames?

Designed and finished in the UK and with a lifetime guarantee for the first owner, Reilly Cycleworks titanium bikes give you your ride, your way, whether a sportive thoroughbred, ultra-distance bikepacker, hardcore gravel racer or all-weather commuter. 

As there are a plethora of different materials used for bike frames nowadays such as aluminium, carbon, steel, etc - it can be challenging to understand which material best suits your needs.

No matter whether it is an endurance road bike made from steel, aluminium road bikes or titanium road bikes - the individual material will bolster a wide array of benefits for the user.

However, today, we will be looking at titanium and its vast amount of advantages for your chosen bike frame. Our latest titanium bike offering recently scored 4.5/5 stars with Road.cc, stating it's an 'excellent bike with the performance and looks of carbon but the stunning comfort and longevity of titanium.' 


What is a Titanium Bike Frame?

Before we delve deep into the technical aspects of titanium and its advantages for your bike frame - we feel as though teaching you about what titanium bike frames are first will give you a better indication of what to expect later on in this blog.

Due to titanium being one of our specialities (it is essentially in our DNA), we feel passionate about presenting you with the information you need to take away in order for you to make the best decision on the bike you want.

Titanium bike frames are light and compact frames that will offer a robust feel to your journey whilst riding your new bike. With the offering of a light feel, durability/stability and comfort like no other - it is easy to see why the exponential growth in sales for titanium frames has occurred.

We’re always on the lookout for innovative products that could change the game, but titanium always seems to come back around and show us its brilliance. In essence, these titanium bike frames are in high regard all around the world for their endless amounts of benefits.

Whilst boasting an elegant exterior, they are typically extremely expensive across the market. So, why are they becoming more favoured - even if they do cost an arm and a leg? Let’s discuss the advantages of this material below:


Benefits of Titanium For Bike Frames

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, whether it be road bike frames, cyclocross bike frames or any other type of bike - titanium has a multitude of advantages that give it the flexibility to allow all types of riders to use them.

Depending on the type of bike, whether that be a titanium road bike, titanium gravel bike, etc will not change the effect that the titanium bike frame can have on your bike. Let’s run you through our tried and tested results from years of research - showing you the advantages we have seen that titanium bike frames offer.


Ride Quality

No matter the terrain, these bike frames permit riders to be able to do it all. Not will you be able to ride on every surface, but the effectiveness and quality of the ride will remain impeccable.

Here at Reilly Cycleworks, we also ensure that our premium titanium bike frames go that one step further and allow for durability, comfort and present beauty - whilst our optimised geometry oozes comfort and speed.

Due to decades of experience working with titanium, we offer more experience than any other cycling brand on the market - so you can be sure that we reciprocate the advantages of titanium bike frames for quality of ride too, as we always want the best experience for our customers and clients.



If you’re looking for a brand-new adventure, titanium is one of the best customisable metals available today (for men or women). The problem is that some will only offer certain dimensions and specifications.

Whereas, here at Reilly Cycleworks, we offer a fully customisable process with your titanium bike frame - therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re five foot two or six foot four. With a frameset for everyone, options are endless with your titanium models.

Using the fitting information, customisability will become easy for us to tailor the perfect model for you (whilst also giving you options on the colour and style, etc).


Strong… Durable… Lightweight: Tick All Three

A cyclist, no matter the level will always need a well-built titanium bike frame - as these factors can become skewed if it's not correctly structured. The finest quality titanium is what we use to fit our customers’ bikes, but you need to be careful if you’re looking for a titanium bike frame provider (ensuring that it's high-quality with them).

Nevertheless, if you choose the right titanium bike frame provider - the titanium will hold up extremely well for long periods of time against corrosion. Not only that, but you will find that your bike will feel durable, yet lightweight when you’re riding it.

This balance between both offers flexibility like no other, ensuring it’s simple for first-timers - yet, it could easily be used for competitive riders for long distances and unpredictable terrain.



Since choosing this material for your bike frame is becoming sought-after among a lot of manufacturers recently - it is now common to see a business put more time and effort into this model.

Reilly Cycleworks’ frames are tailor-made and completely hand-built - offering you detail like no other to enhance your performance on the chosen surface. Not only that, but our race geometry, top-grade hydroformed titanium tubes and advanced engineering create a light, aerodynamic titanium frame to rival carbon equivalents.

Being titanium specialists for several years, our range of gravel bikes, adventure bikes, road bikes, etc are designed to suit all types of riders. This diversity allows for our frameset builders to be creative and create the best all-around bike for everyone involved.



In full, we have discovered that when you collect your titanium-made bike frame, you will have the speed and lightweight properties of any high-level bike - whilst holding a durable, yet comfortable frame that will generate a long-lasting riding experience for many years to come.

Additionally, although these titanium bike frames are on the expensive side, their supreme exterior and dazzling functions/ features outweigh all oncoming downsides. If you want a bike frame with limited running costs, service fees and ultimate protection - this is your frame to buy.

If you want to speak to a professional about your personalised fitting options, contact us today and we’ll review your specifications to see what will suit you best!