Everything You Need To Know About Titanium Gravel Bikes

Everything You Need To Know About Titanium Gravel Bikes

With the founder of Reilly Cycleworks being one of the longest-serving researchers in the biking industry - titanium gravel bikes have been a staple in the leading bikes of our generation.

As gravel bikes are increasing in popularity due to people realising the versatility of their functions, we want to help you unlock your next adventure. Whether you're considering your first bike packing trip or hoping to take the scenic route to the office, our knowledgable team of bike geeks can help you find your perfect peddle partner.

Investing your hard-earned money on a titanium gravel bike may seem daunting as you don’t know what the benefits are - or what you’re looking for. However, we’re here to guide you through each key feature and benefit so you can decide on whether this model satisfies your desires or not.


What is a Titanium Gravel Bike?

Bike design and geometry are some of the most important factors in creating titanium transport that will last a lifetime, and if you're starting out, something like our all-rounder Gradient T47 is hailed for its comfort, speed and beauty.

Coincidentally, titanium gravel bikes are some of the most durable models on the market today (if they’re built and assembled correctly). Titanium gravel bikes are typically a high-end, expensive model that is suited to any off-road excursions that you have an inclination for.

As these bikes are extremely suited to many different terrain conditions, you may find yourself comfortably plodding through a forest on a sunny Sunday morning - or you could be making extreme ground on the upside of a mountain on a rainy Wednesday evening.

The point is that no matter the scenario (especially with Reilly Cycleworks’ customisable, hand-built premium grade titanium) you will have the capability to ride anywhere you want at any time of day.

This freedom is unmatched and the titanium gravel bike is certainly helping a lot of people (regardless of their ability) to get out and have fun on their bikes.


Benefits of Titanium

With titanium being in our DNA, it is one of our deepest passions to inform our readers about the benefits of titanium and what it brings to a gravel bike. As we’ve briefly discussed so far, titanium is extremely durable and strong (especially premium titanium). 

In essence, because of the high strength-to-density ratio of titanium, this metal is extremely favoured by many manufacturers. Not only is it durable, but it is a lightweight alternative compared to some other models. This doesn’t mean to say that carbon, aluminium, steel, etc don’t all have their individual benefits.

Along with the excellent strength-to-density ratio, our team has researched the material in detail for decades and the corrosion resistance is exceptional. Therefore, you will notice after years of having the bike, that the material will look almost identical to when you first bought it.

These benefits combined make for an unmatched ride in any scenario that you choose to put yourself in. The strength (which will stem from all the components merged together to make titanium) along with the lightweight features will fabricate a structure that can only be admired.


Features of a Titanium Gravel Bike

Now that we know the benefits of titanium as a material, it is also vital to understand the features of this metal when it comes to riding your bike.

There are so many detailed components that go into the design of your bike that you may or may not know about - should you want a new adventure and hobby to get into, read below to learn more on the topic.


Titanium Gravel Bike Frames

As for titanium bike frames, they very much differ from road bike frames, cyclocross bike frames and many other variants. Typically, this will be a heftier price for each frame - however, the pleasing aesthetics and the numerous benefits will outweigh the price.

With a lighter frameset than steel and is also more corrosion-resistant than steel - making it a longer-lasting material. In essence, if you’re looking for a bike that is going to last a lifetime, titanium is the frame you need to look into.

With Reilly Cycleworks, we will be able to customise your framesets based on the specifications of your new bike and your comfortable size too. This way, we can put the individual back into the bike - rather than it being a rushed process to get you a bike as soon as possible.


Titanium Gravel Bike Forks

Analysing the disparate types of forks - titanium gravel bikes are an unmatched material for this certain role. As the weight is once again a lightweight feature, you will have a much easier ride - no matter the destination.

If you’re worried about the level of comfort due to your height, there are customisable processes that you can take your bike through - therefore, the suspension will feel great for your unique profile.

Although the price tag can be off-putting, the longest-serving bike with little to no service history will always cost the least in the long run - consequently, this is what the titanium fork brings forward.


Titanium Gravel Bike Handlebars

Even though it is possible to ride your titanium gravel bike on smooth sailing terrain, this will most likely not be the case with your desired travels. With road bike wheels/ tyres and endurance of their handlebars - it would be more suited to a smooth surface.

Nonetheless, your titanium gravel bike will share a wider angled handlebar position compared to a road bike (offering you maximum control on tough terrain).

Being afraid of what could happen is the worst fear when riding on uneven surfaces - this is why all of these features align to provide supreme safety. Of course, you can order a more affordable option, but this will limit the experiences you can partake in.


Titanium Gravel Bike Seatpost

Whilst a bumpy road may be uncomfortable for some models due to the vibrations and shock absorption coming from the seatpost - high-quality titanium seatposts are brilliant at combating the effect of their downfalls.

Thus, if you try to ride on rough surfaces, you will be much more protected by the likes of a titanium or carbon seatpost. The last thing you want is for a long, tough ride to become uncomfortable - therefore, if you want more information and advice about getting a custom bike fitted for yourself from a professional, contact us today!