Our Guide to Quality Bike Framesets

Our Guide to Quality Bike Framesets

For over two decades we've been tirelessly pushing titanium to the next level to ensure its use and construction. 

Crafting with titanium is an art and a science and for this reason, people still don’t understand or know the best of the bunch and what they should invest in for a long-term purchase.

Well, in this blog, we’re going to take you through our guide to quality bike framesets - so you can make an informed purchase decision for your new set of wheels.


Brief History of Bike Framesets

Due to our profound passion for cycling, team Reilly Cycleworks are all cyclists ourselves, we have a burning passion for finding and making the most optimal yet comfortable bike on the market.

Throughout the history of the bicycle, there have been some less-than-desired designs, with questionable materials and execution. Issues such as incorrect weight distribution and false claims about the ‘finest material’ have been seen in both UK production and overseas.


Finding the right bike through online research can be challenging. We're hoping to make the process easier for you to decipher what matters to you. Backed by our bespoke bike-building credentials of more than two decades of triumphing with titanium, we've pulled this guide together to help you make the right choice.


Weight of Old Bikes

To think that the weight of bikes has changed over the years may seem challenging to understand, but they were much heavier than they are now. At one stage bikes could weigh up to 35 pounds per bicycle.

The steel frames from this time would be much heavier than some of the models we see today on the market. We guess that uphill rides for each user weren’t as easy as they looked back then, with the uncanny amount of weight on the back.


Material Properties of Old Bikes

Unfortunately, long ago, before our founder began to research and look for better options - bikes could be made from cast iron or even wood. This was obviously in the era when bicycles first became a form of transportation.

Closer to our current decade, in the 1950s, steel tubing was introduced - but to our dismay, they still weighed nearly 23kg at the time. Of course, steel frames are still used today quite promptly around the industry, yet in our opinion, steel still has some flaws that can sometimes impact the quality of ride.


Quality Bike Framesets of Today

Here at Reilly Cycleworks, we understand that choosing a bike can be expensive. However, if you manage to purchase the right model equipped for your needs and the material lasts a lifetime - then the chance of you spending again on a bike becomes minimal.

Luckily for you, through endless hours of research, trying and testing out different bikes - we’ve managed to find the most elite of frames from the handful of possibilities. Expensive bikes do not always live up to the hype/ information given by the management team.

Therefore, we’re here today to share some realistic news (potentially calling out some false claims) about some of your favourite bikes - including road bikes, mountain bikes, race bikes, etc. Let’s run through each category of material and give our opinion on them.


Titanium Bike Framesets

Starting off strong in our guide to quality bike framesets, we have the DNA of Reilly Cycleworks as the first frameset choice on our list. In our extensive heritage, we’ve never seen a bike frame so versatile for any scenario.

If you’re a beginner just looking to gain some exercise every few days, yet the bike frame won’t need maintenance for years - titanium bike frames are your best bet.

Now, we’re not saying you’re going to feel like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, but if you’re looking for a high-performing, easy-to-ride and comfortable bike - this is where you need to look.

If your goal is to compete one day, practising and using titanium frames during any situation, no matter whether the terrain is concrete, tarmac, stone paths, etc - titanium frames have the durability to last on any surface.

Fortunately, we have taken to this frameset with a lot of passion and hand-built our very own. Reilly’s ground-breaking frame geometry is optimised for comfort and speed, using premium-grade titanium for durability and finesse.

Our top-grade hydroformed titanium tubes and advanced engineering, create a light, aerodynamic titanium frame for each cyclist at any level to enjoy thoroughly. Click here to see our titanium bike options on our website, today!


Carbon Fibre Framesets

Next on our list is the infamous carbon fibre frameset. This took the market by storm with its beautiful experience at first glance. In sports, having an elegant aesthetic and design is one thing, but the analytics of performance can be masked by the beauty of the product.

In carbon fibre’s case, the performance is still somewhat great for certain terrain. With its lightweight features, strong/ durable nature and comfortability - it ticks the checkbox for what a lot of people need.

Although it’s not as high-performing and corrosion-resistant as titanium, the look of the bike could certainly create some debate.


Aluminium Framesets

Known as the most conventional frameset in 2021 and 2022, aluminium has taken the biking interior and exterior by storm. Whether it be your disc brakes, hydraulic disc, front forks, etc - it's certainly a popular choice among the public.

Although they’re not as lightweight as titanium and performance is relatively far behind, aluminium bikes are one of the more affordable alternatives among the expensive bikes. Corrosion resistance is a benefit of this bike compared to some other models too.


Framesets: Their Purposes

Ensuring that you as the customer know exactly what each frame can do, i.e. what time of the year suits an opposing type of frame. This will assist you in making a more informed decision.

With our goal being to put the individual back into the bike, there is nothing more crucial to us than making sure you have a customised bike, perfect to your body type and riding style.

Therefore, let’s run through some of the different bike framesets and how each one has an alternate purpose to help your performance in their own unique way.


Adventure Framesets

We all know that when it comes to summertime, it is in your best interest to get outside and explore your surroundings. Depending on where you’re living the terrain is typically softer and easier to ride on during this time.

Therefore, when you’re sauntering through the woods or tarmac on a lovely, summer's day - the adventure framesets ensure that your ride is extremely smooth.

Our models are manufactured in a way where you will notice a more upright stance to enhance the comfort and speed levels you can reach on a much flatter surface.


Titanium (Gravel Bike) Framesets

Now for the polar opposite, we have a more durable frame on the cards. Titanium is known for being the most sturdy, high-performing bike frameset in the most uncomfortable terrain.

This best-selling bike of ours is fit for all surfaces. No matter whether you’re climbing up the side of a mountain or on an extremely gravel-filled surface, your performance should not be hindered.

With the intended custom build for long-distance, if you’re looking to train for competition or just improve your cardio - this model is exceptional for a ride that takes a lot longer than usual. As the winter months set in, take on all weathers and surfaces with our Spectre. It's incredibly sleek and strong, perfect for those country lanes.


Road Framesets

If you’re a competitive person trying to race against your fellow friends or it is actually your job to get on the road and race other competitors - road framesets are going to work wonders for your capabilities.

With the key asset being speed, their functionalities require maximum comfort for the rider - along with some serious technology built-in to the frameset.

These framesets need to be manufactured with aero-dynamic and flexible handlebars to cater for the level of speed that a specific rider is trying to achieve. The execution will start to dip if cyclists begin to take them into rocky terrain - as this is meant to stick to a road (hence the name…).


Commuter Framesets

Lastly, compared to all the chaos above - commuter framesets are a lot more flexible than bikes created with a competitive nature. Commuter framesets offer your everyday person the chance to travel to work, school, the park, etc while feeling safe and sturdy.

No matter the season, commuter framesets are friendly all year round. With the intent of not climbing Mount Everest on a bike or competing in the Tour De France - these models provide a combination of standard comfort, speed and beauty for an avid rider. Try our Reilly Gradient T47 which as well as being an all-rounder, is a great commuting bike.

P.S Don’t be entering any competitions with these framesets as you'll be left behind.