Product Spotlight: T47//ADVENTURE DISC

Product Spotlight: Gradient T47//ADVENTURE DISC

As we’re deep into the last quarter of 2022, we believe it is now the perfect time for you to take action on the bike you’ve been meaning to get for a while now. There's no reason why you can't be out hitting the country lanes this winter as the days get shorter, and this is the perfect bike to take you there.

In this blog, we’re going to be putting one of our own products in the spotlight - our Gradient T47 Adventure disc bike will feature. Carry on reading to learn more about why we credit this special model so much!


Features of the Gradient T47 Adventure Disc Bike

Now, although you may not have any idea of what bike and added goods you want to purchase - we here at Reilly Cycleworks have worked in this industry for decades and will only recommend you the slickest and most high-performance bikes today.

Of course, a steel frame and gravel geometry inspire confidence in the avid bike lover - a top-tier gravel groupset paired with steel unfortunately is not nearly as effective as our Gradient T47 adventure bike.

Rather than a material that can rust under many circumstances, our Gradient T47 adventure bike is made with hand-built premium-grade AL-2.5V titanium which will support your bike in times of incremental weather.

When you build and choose your bike using our wonderful on-website features (or contacting an expert from our team) - you will notice these features available as follows:

  • Revised hydroformed down tube and top tube profiles
  • Reilly titanium headset for 44mm head tubes and 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" tapered steerers
  • Flat mount disc brakes, with an ultra-secure 42mm x 12mm through axle
  • 31.6mm seat post size
  • Lifetime warranty and returns for the original owner
  • Many more!

With the features list going on and on, we could endlessly name the features that have been crafted into this bike - in months and years of planning and production phases.


Advantages of the Gradient T47 Adventure Disc Bike

The performance of this model is great on the tarmac, while the compliance for extremely rough surfaces isn’t as strong. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make do and go on long-distance rides. Cycling and bike geometry is an art and this bike in our adventure collection is no different.

Whilst we bolster a wide array of bikes such as road bikes, gravel bikes, etc - whether you want to go bikepacking for a while, or compete in the Tour de France one day - this doesn’t mean to say we don’t put individual fine detailing into every bike of ours.

Each item and accessory is closely assessed before we put it out into the public eye because we believe that putting the individual back into the back with the most comfort possible is vital to keeping customers happy. Let’s take a look at some of the personal benefits of the Gradient T47 adventure disc bike:

  • If damaged, this model can be returned and restored immediately
  • Titanium frame prevents corrosion and rust
  • Built for speed, beauty and comfort
  • Hand-built premium-grade titanium for optimal performance
  • No need for heat treatment, as it is extremely durable in any given weather condition
  • Optimal gear number
  • Customisable for everyone (whether you’re five foot two or six foot four) by our expert team

Yes, there are many more extra benefits to this bike when you order it online - but we don’t want to spoil all the enjoyment for you. This is the only bike you’ll ever need if you’re looking to take the next step on your cycling journey on multiple terrains. See here to view this model!