3 close up angles of Reilly Reflex, the titanium gravel race bike.

Reilly Round up - The Cycle Show & Dirty Reiver

It has been an epic weekend for Reilly Cycleworks; unveiling the prototype of the Gravel Race Bike The Reflex at The Cycle Show in London and two Reilly Ambassadors fighting through the mud to complete the Dirty Reiver on their Gradient T47.

These two events are intrinsically linked as the inspiration for The Reflex started with a conversation with our ambassadors about how the much-loved Gradient T47 could evolve.

The Reflex Gravel Race Disc skilfully encompasses this evolution by incorporating ultra-wide tyre clearance with sleek investment cast aero shaping (a nod to the Fusion) and a fully integrated cockpit not to mention the sheer beauty of the curved titanium lines. The bike caused a huge stir amongst press and punters alike with one enthusiast quipping “The Gradient and The Fusion had a baby!”

A few hundred miles north in freezing rain, Reilly Ambassadors Jesse Yates and Petra Wiltshire took on The Dirty Reiver.  This historic off-road cycling challenge races through the breathtaking yet remote Kielder Forest National Park. Petra doing 130km while Jesse opted for 200km route.

Petra said “I was 99% of the time either cold, wet or coated in mud, also suffering from zero sleep.  Despite this I absolutely loved riding this amazing bike (Gradient T47) and spending time in the mud with other crazies.” She finished in an impressive 06.29.11.

Whippersnapper Jesse Yates completed his 200km loop in a staggering 06:56:10 bagging himself 5th place. Jesse’s race breakdown “ There were 50 riders willing to race which went down to 30 in the first couple of climbs. After the first feed station Nicholas Roach made a bit of a move which made everyone hurt.  Not long after at about 60km there was a decisive move made on an undulating section where 6 of us made it away and then 2 more, including the winner, who bridged up to us solo.  At 90k I was distanced with two other riders.  One of them got dropped so I almost did the last 100k with a rider called Jacob Vaughan.

The weather wasn’t great but I don’t think it effected the race that much because it was kind of on and off and I had the right kit, the right tyre pressure (30psi for 69kg) and the right clothing.

The bike (Gradient T47) was absolutely amazing it took everything and I certainly did not hold back when I was descending and everything performed amazingly.

It was a hard race but a good test before TRAKA this Saturday which 160k longer. It’s a great experience and Dirty Reiver is an event I will return to.”   

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