Top Tips to protecting a Titanium gravel bike.

Top Tips To Protect A Titanium Bike

Do You Need to Protect a Titanium Bike?

We have long embraced the magical properties of titanium, and it is due to these properties that you will find they come in at a higher price point than a steel or aluminium frame.

What makes titanium a stand-out material for frames is its unrivalled strength and durability. Think about your next adventure then double it – titanium will push you to do more, with a streamlined and comfortable ride.

The beauty of a titanium frame bike is that it doesn’t need much protecting. All our titanium bikes come with a lifetime warranty, however we go get questions on how to look after and maintain your titanium bike to make sure it stays at its best. It’s been a while since we’ve covered this on the blog, so we thought it was high time to go over this again, particularly since the launch of our brand new Fusion bike.


Start With The Best Titanium Engineering

We are more than just another brand; we actually are a frame builder too. Our Founder Mark had nearly 35 years experience to draw upon to make our frames that little bit more special. Nobody in the UK has more experience in working with the incredible material titanium, you can buy a brand designed by a graphic designer but you cannot replace frame-building experience. Our Gradient T47 is an evolution of our Gradient blueprint, and just one example of our unprecedented titanium engineering achievements. Combining a Hydro-formed Reilly Axis 3AL-2.5V titanium tube set with our hugely flexible geometry, all our titanium rides guarantee durability and finesse.


Consider 'All Weather' Protection From the Elements

It might be that you give consideration to strategically placed helicopter tape to protect your frame from a particularly muddy off-road ride. Also, when bike-packing, helicopter tape can be placed on the frame where the bike bag straps meet the frame to protect from minor scratches. We’ve also had a suggestion from one of our customers in the Reilly Cycleworks Facebook group that he places tape on the front derailer to protect the plated surface. Investing in suitable mudguards to protect your titanium bike frame from mud also helps. Our preferred suppliers are SKS and Portland Design Works. Read more here


How Do You Maintain a Titanium Bike?

The ‘Fusion’ represents an evolution of Reilly’s road series, combines classic Reilly Cycleworks race geometry, top grade hydroformed titanium tubes and advanced engineering to create a light, aerodynamic titanium frame to rival carbon equivalents. Like most of our titanium frames the Fusion is hand finished with a 3M scotchbrite hand pad. These pads are available in different grades of coarseness and are easy to identify by colour. Most titanium frames are finished with either a dark green 3M pad or a maroon pad, code 7447.You can buy these pads by searching the code online or in most good tool shops or car paint suppliers.

Once you’ve polished your titanium frame, you may notice it looks shiner than the rest of the frame, but don’t be alarmed. As a material, titanium naturally develops a patina over time, resulting in a deeper hue, so the shiny spot is only temporary. If you have any concerns about more serious damage please speak to one of our team and we can guide you on what to do.


How Do You Clean a Titanium Bike?

There’s no secret to keeping your brand-new brushed bike frame in good condition, cleaning is the first port of call. At Reilly Cycleworks we use hot soapy water, using washing-up liquid or similar, followed by a second rise with hot water and dry off.


Applying Oil to Care For Your Ti Bike

Regularly inspecting the frame to identify any scratches is best done following a good clean. If you do notice scratches or scuffs, taking your 3M pad and rubbing over any marks, brushing with the grain of the tube will gradually abrade away. It goes without saying that you should avoid any decals and mirror polishing. To finish the job, a top tip is to take a very clean white cloth and add a dot of chain lube. Work it into the frame and you’ll be able to see any further dirt removed onto the cloth, and if rubbed all over will take out any fingerprints and streaks. But in this case, less is definitely more, so don’t over-do it with the oil. We used this technique on frames that we recently exhibited at the Cycle Show, as they were subject to many fingerprints of people touching the bikes.


Does Anodised Titanium Protect Your Bike?

A rainbow spectrum of colours can be produced from our custom anodised titanium finishes, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t involve paint, in fact, the colour is perceived by trick of the eye. We offer customisable options for anodised titanium frames, the process of which contributes to greater protection, depending on the voltage applied during the process. The process itself improves the physical qualities of titanium including corrosion resistance.


Don’t Forget Bike Transit 

Protecting your titanium frame means giving consideration to how you transport your bike if you’re driving for a weekend cycle holiday or competing in a road race. Any knocks that occur here could damange your bike. If you are removing the wheels, for example, always make sure they are the last thing you pack in the car. Start with the frame and bags and place the wheels on top.

There are many steps that you can take to protect your titanium bike frame. The good news is you don’t have to give too much consideration as our decades of experience working with this metal will ensure you can spend time enjoying riding and with good maintenance and cleaning, the bike will take care of itself. We offer a range of titanium bikes in a brilliant selection of colours, so you can customise your ride, your way. To find out more about how we put the individual back in the bike, call or visit your leading UK titanium bike brand.